Our Purpose

​The purpose of the service is to provide a confidential and professional counselling facility accessible to all adults. The service is offered regardless of religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic or cultural background. Deep Waters wants to uphold the unique individuality of each person. Differences should never stop someone accessing counselling. 


Access to the services

Anyone can contact us to explore their concerns in a confidential way and find new direction for positive change. Those facing difficult life decisions and circumstances, with relationship issues, stress, anxiety, fear, depression, loneliness, low self-esteem, past or present trauma or abuse may benefit from counselling.

There are three different ways you can have counselling with us. 

1) Face to Face appointments. 

2) Phone appointments. 

3) Video appointments. 

You will need to contact Deep Waters yourself by telephoning to make a self referral for counselling, even if counselling has been recommended by your GP, Community Mental Health Team, Health Visitor, Social Services, Church or other organisation.


Reaching out is the first step in starting your new Journey. 

If you are interested in making a referral, you can contact us by either filling in the form, or calling us on 07772885277.

Once contact has been made, someone will get back to you and arrange an appointment, or answer your questions. 

Counselling or training enquiries. 


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