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Dealing with Self-Harm

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Dissociative Disorders

Child Development and Trauma

A day looking how children should develop, and how trauma can change normal development. Then we grow, become adults, and start to experience the world around us in the way OUR development has happened.

If you work with adults, or children who have expereinced Trauma this is a great insight into understanding how their development should have happeed. From there, you can see what areas to work on.

It may not be a trauma issue, but a develoemnt issue!

Experience ART workshop


A place to explore, what is art? Time to have fun...

If you DON'T think Art is for you, then this workshop is.

New dates to be added. Check back soon

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Art In Counselling


Art in counselling is a three hour introduction into creative techniques used within counselling.  


Art in counselling is not Art Therapy. It's using creative skills to aid clients to express themselves within the counselling room.


This would be good for anyone who is looking to develop their understanding of using creative skills within the counselling room. You do not need to be an artist. Learn how simply drawing a box can be insightful.

A day to develop some understanding surrounding


the topic of dissociation.


1.What is dissociation?


2.How does it affect people?


3.What is a dissociative disorder?


4.Is it really that common?


5.What can I do to help someone?

Ever wondered:


   What is self-harm?

   Why do people do it?

   How can I help them?

   Is there a certain 'way' to help?

   Can't they just stop?



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