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Understanding Self-Harm


Ever wondered:


What is self-harm?

Why do people do it?

How can I help them?

Is there a certain 'way' to help?

Can't they just stop?


Have you ever wished you could just sit a self-harmer down and ask them questions? Here's your chance!


This one day training offers a glimpse into the world of self-harming. Kate has the experience of both working with self - harm, as well as personal life experience of self-harm. She has the ability to use both her experience and humour to create an informative, practical day. Drawing on her skills as a qualified counsellor and her experience as a youth worker, she offers a unique perspective.


Suitable for, counsellors, students, pastoral workers, youth workers, teachers, GP's and anyone who wants to deepen their understanding around the topic of self-harm. From the counsellor already working with self-harm through to the parent worried about their child. (Please note if you struggle with self-harm some of the content may be triggering.)


The day includes refreshments


CPD certificate

for 5 hours available.

Past event feedback


"One of the best talks I have heard about dealing with self-harm"


"Serious topic presented in an easy to understand and light way. Highly recommend anyone wanting to understand more about self-harm to come along."




If you would like the training day to come to you, then that can be arranged. Email for prices.