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26th AUG - Limewood fields

Kingsway Park 3pm

Hey everyone - So this is me (Kate) and Emma and we are intending to BRAVE the SHAVE! Yes, we are going to shave our hair, in aid of fundraising.


We are raising funds for two small charities, Harvest Gardens and Survive.

So who are they and why these charities?


Survive – A one-one counselling service to survivors of childhood sexual abuse, rape, incest and domestic violence. The service is confidential and is not time session restricted. Kate, who had D.I.D (Dissociative Identity disorder), has received endless time, encouragement and life changing (and lifesaving) support from counsellors at Survive. Now, Kate aims to help build both awareness, and funds for this small, life changing charity based in Crewe.


Harvest Gardens – A small charity based in Birmingham UK but is committed to educating and equipping some of the poorest people in the world so they can grow the food they need to survive. They teach them how to grow large amounts of food in small spaces, and watch hope come back into these communities. Each ‘Harvest Garden’ is about ¼ acre in size and can potentially feed about 50 people indefinitely. This radically changes and improves the lives of widows and orphans in developing countries. This is another life changing and saving charity.

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Sunday Aug 26th @ 3pm

Come and watch (support) us