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This is a shout out to all teachers, youth workers, GP’s, social workers, counsellors and any other pastoral worker out there! Yes, we will meet people along the way to struggle with their mental health. Who turn to self-harm as a way of helping, who use dissociation as a manner of surviving. We will meet people who want to be understood and accepted.


Sometimes though, we as people don’t necessarily understand why someone does what they do!

So who am I?


I’m Kate I live in the North West of England and work as a qualified counsellor. I have a dissociative disorder and for many years used self-harm as a way of coping with my emotions.  


Now, I am hoping to help others understand self-harm and dissociative disorders. I endeavour to raise awareness surrounding these particular issues and see a new understanding grasp those around me. I'm a very real person, open to sharing my own experiences and answering all sorts of questions.  


That’s where Deep Waters has come from. The passion I have to see others understand a little bit more how and why these behaviours make sense! How can we help others journey to a place of self-healing and wholeness?


Alongside that, I also love art. Painting, drawing, making things, music, poems etc. Creativity, for me, is an amazing outlet. Having helped start Survivor Art UK, I have come across many others who also use creativity as an outlet. However, I started to meet people who don't dislike art, they just feel they can't 'do it'. That's where my experience art workshops have come from. A group of people coming together to do something they don't believe they can do, and see an amazing piece of creativity unfold before your own eyes is an experience we should all encounter at some point.


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